Let’s get the new year set up right, so that we can make the most of our goals.

Now I purposely use the term “goals” instead of “resolutions” when talking about changes I am working on in the coming year. Why? Because a goal indicates a measurable end result, whereas I see resolution as a change of habit, but not measurable to track progress. So, how do we make goals we will actually achieve? Make them “SMART”.


What does that mean? You are going to be Specific in setting your goal, instead of saying, “I am going to eat healthier” you will say, “I am going to eat a serving of veggies at every meal.” Measurable – you can measure success by knowing if you did or did not eat veggies at your meals; Attainable – will you actually eat veggies? Do you know how to prepare them in a way you like? Are you able to get to a grocery store often enough to have them fresh 3 times a day, or will you buy frozen? Realistic – Does this goal fit with your lifestyle? Are you making your own foods and can be sure to eat more veggies, or does someone else do all the shopping and cooking? Will your family eat the veggies with you or at least support you? Timely – Have a way to work up to your goal. Maybe start with I will eat veggies at least once a day, and after a few weeks say you are going to eat them twice a day, and so forth until you are at your goal. 

End of the year: How did you do? have you met your goal and been able to maintain it? If yes, then you set a SMART goal 🙂

Happy Goal setting!
If you need help setting goals, or are in need of accountability, contact me for counseling to get you on the track to making your dreams and goals come true this year!

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