About Briauna Pate, RD, LD

Hi there! My name is Briauna and I am a Registered Dietitian.

I’m back in my hometown of Visalia, California, but spent 4 years living in Champaign, Illinois.

During my time in Illinois, I worked for a behavioral health clinic that specialized in the treatment of eating disorders (outpatient and treatment center settings). I was able to gain valuable knowledge and insight into working with this population and I have found that this is ​where my passion lies as a dietitian. 

I love helping others work towards healing their relationship with food and with their bodies. I also had the  opportunity to work with a group of professional Opera singers on their nutrition, and enjoyed every minute. 

If I’m not working you can probably find me hanging out with my sweet kids, husband, and our yellow lab!

Briauna’s Experience


Registered Dietitian, 2017- Present
Dietetic Internship, University of Northern Colorado – Greeley

Bachelor of Science – Nutrition and Dietetics
California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo

Selected Experiences

Nutrition Counseling & Education
Not Your Average Nutritionist, LLC
Eating Disorder Specialist​
​San Luis Obispo, CA
Jan 2020 – March 2022

Nutrition Consultant
Ascend Consultation in Healthcare
Eating Disorder Specialist
Champaign, IL
Jan 2017 – Dec 2019

Women, Infants, & Children
Champaign, IL
Jan – April 2017

Nutrition Host
Kaweah Delta Health Care District
Food Liaison to Patients
Visalia, CA
June – Nov 2015

Certification & Memberships

Registered Dietitian: Commission on Dietetic Registration, November 2017 – present

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics: January 2016 – present

Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist: licensed in the state of Illinois, December 2017 – present

Florida, Feb 2020 – present

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