Here’s a quick tip for those of you who get too busy or otherwise forget to eat –
Assuming you are not trying to not eat, many of my clients have found this tip helpful once we figured out that remembering to take the time to eat (or remembering to prep food) was the problem.

Set alarms on your phone.

I know, it sounds simple; but you have your phone on you all the time, right?
Set alarms at times that make sense in your schedule for meal/snack times, or a time to prep tomorrow’s food. Most cell phones have the ability to label what the alarm is for, so use that feature as a visual reminder!

“Lunch time” or remember to eat” or “make lunch for tomorrow” are great visual cues to go along with the audio component of the alarm (or vibration, if that’s your preference).

If you stick to a consistent schedule your body should start to get used to eating at regular times, and eventually you can delete the alarms and let your body remind you.

If you are struggling to remember to eat or prep food, give it a try!

Let me know how this works for you in the comments.

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