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Free webinar hosted by ODC Dance Studio in Oakland, CA.

Tuesday Sept 7, 2021

6-7pm PST

Libby will be answering frequently asked questions on weight-neutral dancer health and nutrition. You can submit questions ahead of time by emailing her at Libby@notyouraveragenutritionist.com, or adding them to the chat in the live zoom session. 

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sorority ED talks


Schedule a virtual talk for your sorority/campus group to discuss eating disorders, how to help a friend/sister, what does healthy eating actually consist of, and so much more!

My signature talk is “Give your sister (and yourself) permission to eat.”

I open it up for questions/discussion, and there are discounts/giveaways for those who show up live!

Contact Libby@notyouraveragenutritionist.com for inquries. I’m now booking for rush fall 2021.

Listen to my interview on the “Fraternity Foodie” podcast about eating disorders on college campuses. https://greekuniversity.org/libby-parker-interview/



sorority ED talks

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