Something I hold back on is sharing about my struggles with food.

While I, thankfully, have been doing great for many years now, I did have an eating disorder end of high school/most of college. 

And as most of you probably feel, it’s hard to talk about!  It’s taboo.

I wonder if people will think I’m ok to help others. I’d rather forget that part of my life.

But… It’s important to break down the stigma and get the conversation going so others can feel empowered to tell their story and reach out for help.

So, I’ve been getting vulnerable and sharing my story.

You can hear parts of it in 3 places now: My book, and the following video and article.

This video is both commentary on Taylor Swift’s “Miss Americana” Documentary (the ED parts), and some of my story:

I was also asked to share some of my story, and tips for recovery, in a blog post for “Side by Side Nutrition,” where I talked about eating foods that “don’t count.”

Learn what I mean by reading the (short) article HERE.

Your story is YOUR story. It doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. If you are struggling with an eating disorder (or any health issues) you can get help. You don’t have to wait until you are “sicker.” 

If you’d like to work with us, shoot me an email.

You got this! 

Are You Secretly Struggling With Your Relationship To Food?


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Are you secretly struggling with your relationship to food

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