Give Your Sister Permission to Eat

Did you know that approximately 50% of college females will deal with some form of disordered eating during college, and a full 13% would meet the criteria for a diagnosable eating disorder (even if they never get diagnosed)?

Those were just a few of the stats I found in researching my master’s thesis on the prevalence of eating disorders among college females. 

Ok, but enough stats, humans are not numbers.

I had an eating disorder during college, and didn’t know it. No one knew it, and certainly no one was talking about it. Eating disorders are still a taboo topic, but when we shed light on these murky topics we have hope for getting people help and maybe even preventing disorders in the first place.

Libby Parker

Something that has been not only helpful, but a great bonding experience for sorority sisters, is a talk I give to chapters and schools called “Give Your Sister (and Yourself) Permission To Eat.” At this event we discuss how college life affects diet culture and disordered eating, how to notice if you are developing unhealthy habits, and how to help a friend who is struggling with their own eating disorder. 

Even better, I have heard that this talk has opened up deeper conversations among members to talk about not only eating disorders, but mental health, and to talk more action in making a positive environment for members and their school at large. 

You can schedule Libby to speak at your chapter meeting or panhellenic event!

Contact us 

Schedule a virtual or in-person talk for your sorority/campus group to discuss eating disorders, how to help a friend/sister, what does healthy eating actually consist of, and so much more!

I open it up for questions/discussion, and there are discounts/giveaways for those who show up live!

Listen to my interview on the “Fraternity Foodie” podcast about eating disorders on college campuses.

I hope to meet you and your sisters soon!

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