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Highly anticipated she-shed office tour!

When the COVID-19 pandemic / lock-down hit, practitioners like myself were forced to move entirely online with counseling services. While it was a shift, to be sure, I am so thankful that my business was already set up to do HIPAA-compliant virtual nutrition counseling, so I was able to move all my clients online that week. 

But…there was the problem of my cute little “shoebox” of an office downtown San Luis Obispo not being ideal for telehealth. I didn’t have internet set up in the concrete basement room I rented. So 100% working from home it was.

Once we realized that this pandemic wasn’t going to be over in a couple of months, I had to take a hard look at my set-up and finances. Paying rent on an unused space was not smart, and my home office was not the quietest with 2 dogs and a baby. 

Enter – plans for a backyard “she-shed” office!

I was able to get out of my lease, and started planning my dream home office (break-out the pinterest boards!).

Tour of my she-shed

Once I had an idea of my needs and wants I started looking at structures. Did I want a pre-fab shed or build completely from scratch? What could I afford? What zoning laws did we have to follow? I ended up designing a pre-fab shed with Tuff Shed, and found a local father/son duo to pour a concrete slab for the shed to be built on.

Watch the building process of my she-shed

The process from pouring concrete to having a space to move into took about 3 months. A lot of youtube videos were consumed to learn new skills for finishing off the inside (I’m so proud to say that I did all the taping and mudding of drywall seams myself).

Along the way, I measured and bought flooring, furniture, and paint, and my dream came together!

Home Office Pinterest Board
Home Office Pinterest Board

See the final office tour

There are still a few finishing touches to go, and I know it will evolve over time with me, but I am in love with my “fortress of solitude.” I love going out here to have quiet, focused, time; and I feel so much more professional seeing my clients (virtually) in this space. 

What do you think?

Welcome to the Not Your Average Nutritionist headquarters!

Shop The Room:

My book, Permission To Eat:

White office chair:

Pink large mouse pad:

Gold paper trays:

Wi-fi extender:

Laptop vertical holder:

Phone stand:

Planner: Target

Blue-light blocking glasses (similar):

Stick-on cable holders:


Power strip/surge protector (similar):

Blue Yeti mic:

Mrs. Maisel tin:

Green chair & pink loveseat: World Market

Zebra rug: World market (discontinued)

Marble & gold side table: TJ Maxx or Homegoods

Bagels wall art: Society 6

“I’m sorry for …Hungry” art: Homegoods

Marble water bottle: Target, “Simple modern” brand

File cabinet: walmart

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