Insurance companies are sooooo frustrating to deal with – you are not alone!

Due to individual insurance regulations and federal rules there is no “set” coverage that all insurance companies have to go by.  Your best bet when seeking coverage is to call your insurance company and get a Case Manager to walk you through the to-dos. 

The earlier you contact your insurance company in the process, the better. Additionally, the more “evidence” for need of treatment (doctor’s referral notes, lots of documentation) that you have the better. ​

I made a round-up of the previous 3 blog posts (updated the links so they are current)
that I wrote about on insurance and packaged it up in a PDF for you. 

PDF Download of Resources and Articles To Help You Get Coverage

Unfortunately, unless it is part of a treatment program, Dietitians are very rarely covered by insurance. (Wha?!)

You can petition your insurance for some reimbursement by asking your RD (“nutritionists” without the RD credential are never covered because they are not qualified) to send you a “superbill” for services that have been provided (typically annually or quarterly) to submit to insurance (after paying out of pocket) to try for reimbursement.

With enough supporting documentation (again, referrals from medical doctors help a lot!!) you can often get reimbursement (no promises, each company has it’s own ways of dealing with each individual).

Good luck!! I hope this helps!

If you have more tips on how to get insurance to pay please leave them in the comments below, or email me to have it included.

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