With everyone and their brother having an opinion on how to eat or live a healthy life, how do you discern if information is legitimate?

It is important to remember that nutrition is a science, and not an opinion. And, scientific facts are allowed to change as we learn more through more advanced technology and research studies. Science is constantly evolving, so it is smart of us to double-check what the current best-practices are, especially when it comes to healthcare.

Several factors need to be considered when deciding if a product or diet plan is safe and effective. I review these in the following short video:

Health and diet does not need to be difficult or over-analyzed… But, you do need to know that studies done have been done in ways that can be extrapolated to larger populations, just like with any drug trial.

If you learn nothing else from me, I hope you watch this video and learn how to determine for yourself if what you are reading is true and safe.

Let me know what your top takeaways were in the comments. Did anything get you thinking?

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Are you secretly struggling with your relationship to food

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