Permission To Eat with CONFIDENCE Membership FAQs

Q: What if I am already working with a dietitian/other professionals, will I get anything out of this membership?

A: Absolutely! Everyone has their own teaching and learning style. While the overall messaging may be the same, the way we present it may be the “ah-hah” you need. Sometimes watching someone else get coached, or ask a question you didn’t know you had, can be illuminating! Most people can pick out the same issues and achievements in others better than in themselves. Plus, this class will keep you on-task between your sessions with providers so you are constantly making progress on your relationship to food. This group does not replace individual sessions, or higher levels of treatment, but is an add-on for additional support, or maintenance after completing treatment. 
​(Here is a video we made on the importance of community in recovery:

Q: Is this pre-recorded modules, or live sessions? What is the format?

A: It’s all about the live video calls! This isn’t a one-shot course, because there is no one-size-fits-all for eating. Each support group is held live so we can go through where you are right now, to maintain privacy these calls will not be recorded. We will be doing live Q&A times in the Facebook group, or send in questions ahead. There are also audio, video, and text resources for more learning, but that’s not the bulk of the program.

Q: What times are the live calls?

A: Once you sign up there is a Google form to assess what times are best for the majority, and we will ask you to update this every so often as our schedules change throughout the year. We will be offering multiple groups/week (more as the group grows), while we cannot promise a perfect time for each individual, we will do our best to take everyone into consideration with times. 

Contact us for the current schedule.

Q: Who is this group for?

A: This group is for anyone struggling with their relationship to food (look at that list of statements that may describe you) who wants to make a change and live without food fear and anxiety, while being their healthiest self mentally and physically. You do not need to have a diagnosed eating disorder to be a part of this group.

Q: Do I need to be diagnosed with an eating disorder to get something out of this group?

A: Absolutely NOT! You don’t even need to think you have an eating disorder. If you find that you are resonating with any of the statements above, and want a better relationship with food & your body, this is the place for you! (It is also a great maintenance plan if you are further along in recovery)

Q: Will I learn how to lose weight?

A: This is not a weight loss class; we actually work from an approach that you can take care of your body and love it no matter where you are and what you weigh (“Health At Every Size ®” philosophy). We know weight loss can be a result of changing what you eat, but it is not our focus. We focus on health (mental and physical), and let your body figure out it’s own unique “happy weight.” This is far more effective and healthy than chasing a number on a scale. We instead focus on hunger & fullness cues; accepting your unique, awesome, body; coping with stress in non-food ways; and taking care of your health from a place of eating intuitively. We help people of all shapes & sizes form a better relationship with food and their body, with sensitivity to past experiences and fears. This is probably not what you want to hear, but we want to be completely honest and realistic. Disordered eating and making peace with food are not about the food or body image. Let’s figure this out together! 

Q: What is the cost?

A: Only $80 USD/month (that’s only $10/group session). This starts when you sign up, and is a recurring monthly cost. Right now you can get your first week for only $1.

Don’t forget you get the facebook group, and other bonuses as well as the live group sessions. 

Rates as of 7/1/2020.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: You can cancel any time, but you won’t want to once you start seeing your life change! Eating Disorders (ED) make it tricky to try getting help because they (the ED thoughts) want to keep you stuck and away from anything that might challenge the eating disorder thoughts/behaviors. So really ask why you are not happy with this group before backing out. Your ED might be trying to keep you from getting help. Try to get use out of the whole month- come to the live sessions. Let’s kick your disordered thoughts to the curb!


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