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Eating Cycle

Are You Stuck in this Cycle?

Breaking out of it is totally possible! 

I know how hard it is to leave your comfort zone…​opening up about your food behaviors can feel very vulnerable!

Imagine what life would be like if you were able to show up confidently, and eat whatever you actually want in social settings without anxiety?

…oh, and what if you could feel happy and appreciative for the body you were given?

You Are Not Alone

    if any of these statements describe you:

You’re afraid to eat the “wrong” foods

You’re afraid of others judging your food choices

You avoid social events where there will be food

Grocery shopping makes you anxious or overwhelmed

You are unkind to your body, or you’re ashamed of your body

You cook for others foods that you won’t eat yourself

You find yourself staring, and drooling, at            “food porn” 

You feel you “should” exercise more

You think (ok, obsess) about food all day

You open the fridge to make a meal, and end up staring into the light for half an hour before walking away and not eating anything

Benefits of Membership

Being a member can give you the confidence to eat whatever you want, and to be happy with the body you were given.


Eating with confidence in social settings and appreciating your unique body (we practice from a Health At Every Size® philosophy).


Actually enjoying foods you thought you’d never eat again, enjoying foods you once loved and moving joyfully, not because you feel you “have-to”.

Connecting with Your Body

Connecting with your body’s internal signals of hunger, fullness, and satiation.

Productvity & Relationships

Feeling more productive, because food takes up less time and mental space, and be able to have deeper relationships and conversations once food is “off the table.”

Stack of macarons

The Membership

What You Get

  • Build trust in your body’s ability to take care of you
  • Freedom from food anxiety (examples: grocery shop faster, eat with others, enjoy your food without quantifying it)
  • Most importantly – finding life beyond food!

Achieved Through

  • Live support group sessions each week, where you can chat with others who are in the same place you are, and learn from/inspire each other in a safe, facilitated environment. ​
  • Educational topics each month, where you can ask questions, learn from experts, and get valuable answers to your burning recovery questions.
  • On-going help with figuring out what healthy eating actually is? (what does the science say)
  • Real action steps for recovery
  • Celebrating your wins! (We have fun!)


Valued at over $1,000!

  • Worksheets that I use with my private clients
  • Help finding individual dietitian/therapist, if needed
  • Private Facebook group for members only, to share ideas and wins
  • Resources for recovery 
  • Book Club! Discussing popular eating disorder/relevant books.
  • and more to come!

All in a private group space, with NO NUMBERS discussed.

Food isn’t going to get easier to deal with if you keep obsessing about it, or ignoring that it’s a problem.
Learn a different way of interacting with food.

About Libby

Registered Dietitian &

Food Relationship Healer

I know how hard it is because I struggled with restrictive eating in college; which ultimately led me to get 2 degrees in nutrition so I could help others not have to feel the way I had. I’ve been in private practice helping people recover from eating disorders since 2012, and have another niche in helping stage performers optimize their health. In 2019 I published my debut ED recovery book, Permission To Eat.
When I’m not fighting diet-culture, you can usually find me acting, singing, reading, or chasing after my toddler. (You can read more about my nutrition work experience here.)

Libby Parker

What Our Members Are Saying About The Group…

“Libby’s bi-weekly support group has made an incredible difference on my life and my eating disorder recovery during this time of social distancing. Admittedly, I was a little nervous, having never met Libby in real life, but she makes the group such a safe place and it has really been essential to help me stay on track in my recovery journey. Having been to different levels of of outpatient treatment for the last three years, I would say this is one of the most supportive groups I’ve ever been in. I am so thankful I joined this group and so thankful for Libby. “

Brooke Ferrari

“This group has been a safe place to share my struggles with other members of the recovery community. The people in this group understand what I am going through, and they are a great source of support. Libby Parker does a great job at moderating the meetings so that nothing discussed is triggering or uncomfortable for any group members.”

Hannah Klaasen

“It’s really helpful to have a space to talk and relate with others about the specific challenges of navigating quarantine with an eating disorder in a non-judgemental, supportive environment. Libby has a way of engaging that is very refreshing, approaching the group with a mix of empathy, relatability, and honest, relevant feedback. Regardless of what each group member is dealing with personally, she can find the common ground, and make sure each person is engaged and has a voice. I’ve left each group feeling energized and understood, and she’s even given me some creative ways to navigate my own challenges. I’m really grateful to have found Libby’s group.”

Jessica Mellow

“For me, this group was especially helpful because of the support it provided. I knew that I could get through the hard days since I had ED recovery support group later in the week. There were people from various stages in their recovery journeys, but everyone came together to listen to one another and offer whatever tools they could. One specific tool I picked up was using ‘Ed’ to refer to eating disorder thoughts, which I had read about in ‘Permission to Eat’ but had totally forgotten. Maybe just hearing another person use the tool made it stick, but since it has I have felt empowered!  ED recovery support group was super encouraging as it offered a chance to hear another person say they are struggling in this season too, and that alone helped remind me that we are stronger than Ed.


PS I felt confident and capable when I went grocery shopping today, and actually enjoyed it!!”

Larisa Williams

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am already working with a dietitian/other professionals, will I get anything out of this class?

Absolutely! Everyone has their own teaching and learning style. While the overall messaging may be the same, the way I present it may be the “ah-hah” you need. Sometimes watching someone else get coached, or ask a question you didn’t know you had, can be illuminating! Most people can pick out the same issues and achievements in others better than in themselves. Plus, this class will keep you on-task between your sessions with providers so you are constantly making progress on your relationship to food. This group does not replace individual sessions, or higher levels of treatment, but is an add-on for additional support, or maintenance after completing treatment. 
​(Here is a video I did on the importance of community in recovery:

What times are the live calls?

Once you sign up there is a google form to assess what times are best for the majority, and I will ask you to update this every so often as our schedules change throughout the year. I will be offering multiple groups/week. While I cannot promise a perfect time for each individual, I will do my best to take everyone into consideration with times. 

Current schedule: Tuesdays 9am, Thursdays 6pm, Saturdays 1pm (PST)

Is this pre-recorded modules, or live sessions? What is the format?

It’s all about the live video calls! This isn’t a one-shot course, because there is no one-size-fits-all for eating. Each support group is held live so we can go through where you are right now, to maintain privacy these calls will not be recorded. I will e doing live Q&A times in the facebook group, or send in questions ahead. There are also audio, video, and text resources for more learning, but that’s not the bulk of the program.

Who is this group for?

This group is for anyone struggling with their relationship to food (look at that list of statements that may describe you) who wants to make a change and live without food fear and anxiety, while being their healthiest self mentally and physically. You do not need to have a diagnosed eating disorder to be a part of this group.

Do I need to be diagnosed with an eating disorder to get something out of this group?

Absolutely NOT! You don’t even need to think you have an eating disorder. If you find that you are resonating with any of the statements above, and want a better relationship with food & your body, this is the place for you!

What is the cost?

As of July 1, 2020, it is $80 USD/month, which is less than $7 per support group session!

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any time, but you won’t want to once you start seeing your life change! Eating Disorders (ED) make it tricky to try getting help because they (the ED thoughts) want to keep you stuck and away from anything that might challenge the eating disorder thoughts/behaviors. So really ask why you are not happy with this group before backing out. Your ED might be trying to keep you from getting help. Try to get use out of the whole month- come to the live sessions. Let’s kick your disordered thoughts to the curb!

Membership Has Officially Opened!

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