Not Your Average New Year’s Resolutions

Hello friends! Meet Lauren, the sports dietitian for Not Your Average Nutritionist. She helps outdoor athletes and fitness enthusiasts ditch the need to look like an athlete and instead feel like an athlete through proper nutrition and body positivity. Boo-yeah! 

It’s a new year, and though many things look different, one thing always remains the same: people LOVE new year’s resolutions. New Year’s is symbolic of a fresh start, which isn’t a bad thing. The unfortunate part is that for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, resolutions often have a negative focus or are NOT sustainable– lose x pounds, start a new diet, move up/down a weight class, get a six pack, and so forth. These goals aren’t sustainable and are often abandoned by February because they have a set endpoint. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This year, Lauren introduced “Not Your Average New Year’s Resolutions,” a video series to start your new year off right and establish sustainable habits to take with you not just for one month, but for the rest of your life and athletic career. 

 Not Your Average New Year’s Resolutions consists of four training videos. Each one focuses on one small, sustainable change that together will help you improve your long-term performance.

These goals, or “resolutions” if you prefer, come from her 7 years of training in nutrition science, human metabolism, and outdoor endurance sports. They will start you on the path to: 

  • Gain strength, power, and endurance
  • Optimize immunity and prevent injury, which means more time on the trails
  • Prevent fatigue and crashing during long rides or runs
  • Prevent and/or manage digestive issues during or around training
  • Adapt to high altitude efficiently, especially if you live at a lower elevation
  • Learn to love your body as it is now and for the potential it has to get stronger, without focusing on weight or shape as arbitrary measures of fitness


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

While we cannot guarantee that you will experience all these benefits after just a few short training videos, but they will give you the tools to get started. If you want to dive deeper with customized nutrition coaching, consider a free 15-minute discovery call with Lauren. We can create customized fueling plans to fit your training/work/school schedule, preferences, and goals, all from a weight-neutral perspective (bet you don’t see that every day in the world of athletics!).


Schedule a call with Lauren by contacting her or DM on instagram @Lauren.wilderwellness 

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