Oh my; I get to go to NYC for work! … and with theatre people….am I in a dream?

Nope, it’s real. I’m headed to Broadway Con!

This conference is for theatre lovers, performers, crew, directors, and others involved in that world. I will be there promoting Not Your Average Nutritionist, along with The Body Positive Project (go check them out!). We are helping smash sterotyping roles and that any body can be a broadway body!

In honor of this theatre trip, this post is a round-up of my performance related articles, videos, and courses all in one place to help you have the best performing career you can!

Here we go…

My online health class for stage performers (all the things you never learned): “Whole Health for Performers” 

OnStage Blog – Jan 2018 “Libby Parker: Making Performer’s Health Their Top Priority”

On Stage Blog – Aug 2016 “Re-Igniting My Passion For Dance As An Adult”

What is the Dietitian’s role on the dance sports medicine team?

Broadway BoPo – Aug 28, 2019 “The Broadway Dietitian” Interview. Nutrition and Wellness for Theatre Actors and Singers (video)

Stuck in a food rut? or eating disorder? Choreographing meals (video)

Why are dancers at a higher risk for eating disorders? (video)

Dance Nutrition with Emily Harrison, MS, RD, LD (video)

Our other services for perfomers

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