Not Your Average Health Coaching for Dancers, Actors, Singers, Performers

Developing healthy habits, one bite at a time.

  • Do you need help knowing how to eat to keep up energy in rehearsals?
  • ​Do you struggle with disordered eating in the entertainment industry?
  • ​Are you a dancer that would prefer talking to another dancer?
  • Are you worried about digestive issues on stage? 

Our philosophy is that ALL foods can fit in a healthy diet,
and that you can practice health and self-love no matter what your size.

Our Registered Dietitians will work with you in a one-on-one approach to find out what works for you, where you need assistance, and help you set goals and overcome physical and mental health obstacles in everyday life so that you can
​give the performance of your life! 

We work together to develop a wellness plan that works for you, helping you create a healthy lifestyle that will last longer than your show memories.

Run a performing arts college program, or intensive?
I’ve got you covered with my signature seminar for groups/schools

Actor, dancer, drag performer, musician, comedian…
​you use your body and mind in ways normal humans just don’t.

This seminar covers nutrition, fitness, vocal health, mental health, and more as it relates to long rehearsal days, specific stage needs (like heat stroke from stage lights and hot costumes), and lack of time to have complex health routines.
All from a non-diet approach (no body shaming here!). Available in-person, webinar, or 1/2 semester 1 credit class.

Click the image above, left, to inquire about Libby presenting your group; or the image on the right for the online course-version for individuals. 

Online course is currently under construction. Anticipated to be finished late November, 2020.




Butter, a carb? Nope.

Let’s bust some myths like this, and help you take care of your beautiful body!


Learn more about What is the dietitian’s role on the dance sports medicine team,
​and my interview with Broadway Body Positivity Project about body positivity and health in the entertainment industry.

Check out Libby’s performer instagram @thebroadwaydietitian

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