Behavior change takes time.

It takes time to learn new health habits!

Let our dietitians come along side you and keep you on track to get to your best life. 

Even if you got “all of your questions answered” in a single session (not likely), you need the support, accountability, and further education to help you develop new habits, and see you through difficult scenarios (even nutrition majors can benefit from seeing a dietitian!).

New client special
initial appointment

First Steps:

1. Complete a contact form, or call/text (805) 225-3027 and let us know a little about yourself and what you are looking at nutrition counseling for.

2. We will get back to you, and we can determine together if you are a good fit to work with one of our dietitians.

3. We will send you pre-session forms to fill-out online through a secure client portal (we use a platform called “Healthie”).

4. Schedule a time to meet with your dietitian.



While these are scheduled as hour-long sessions, you are not paying for “a unit of time” but rather our years of experience, training, ongoing education, and the ongoing contact between sessions.​​

What You Get When You Become A Client...


  • One-on-one nutrition counseling sessions + life coaching virtually through HIPAA-compliant video calls
  • Secure messaging support between sessions (your client portal has secure messaging!)
  • Your dietitian working with your other healthcare providers as needed, with a signed release from you
  • Review of labs and other medical diagnosis you have received (and we will help you understand them!)
  • Worksheets and handouts as needed
  • Superbill for services to submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement (we can’t guarantee reimbursement, but we can try)

Pricing & Insurance FAQs


How Much Does It Cost To Work With You?

235840A:  Say: “My health is not worth the investment.” … that probably doesn’t sit well, does it?

What is it worth to you to have freedom from obsessing over ​what to eat?  

New client initial session: $175

Follow up hour session : $150

Nutrition counseling packages save you $$$

6 sessions: $840 (save $60)

10 sessions: $1350 (save $150)

*prices as of 6/1/2022


When Is Payment Taken?

A: All payments must are due at time of appointment by credit card /HSA (health savings account) / FSA (flexible spending account).

​A 24 hour cancellation policy is enforced. Those cancelling less than 24 hours in advance will be charged the full amount of the session.  You will need to have a credit card on file to book the appointment, even if you plan to use insurance. We will only charge for uncovered sessions, or late cancels/no shows.


How Long Are Packages Valid For?

 A: 6 session packages must be used within 3 months of purchase.

10 session packages must be used within 6 months of purchase.

New-client 3-session package must be used within 2 months of purchase.



What Happens If I Pause Working With You?

A: Clients that do not see us for 6 months or longer will be subject to any increase in rates. ​


Do You Accept CenCal Insurance?

Yes! You can see Libby with a referral from your assigned primary care physician.

Ask your physician to submit a “RAF” (Referral Authorization Form), and their diagnosis to CenCalHealth for your nutrition needs before our first visit, please. 

Let your dietitian know if you want us to bill insurance BEFORE your session.

From the CenCal website (7/18):  ​”Covered Services: Nutrition Educators providing medical nutrition therapy (MNT) services are reimbursable by CenCal Health when conducted by a Registered Dietitian (RD) working as or with a contracted provider.  Under the CenCal Health Nutrition benefit, members are entitled to an initial assessment not to exceed 4 hours per year; a re-assessment and intervention not to exceed 4 hours per 1 month; and group sessions not to exceed 8 hours per a 9 month period.  Additional services beyond the benefit limitations require prior authorization.”

(basically, you can see Libby for  2 sessions/month). We are working on getting out other RDs in-network.


Do You Accept Any Other Insurance?

We are in-network with some Commercial forms of United Health Care insurance. Please check your insurance coverage >>>

We are not currently in-network with other insurance. 

We can write up a super-bill for you to ​submit to your insurance for potential reimbursement after you have paid out of pocket – we make no promises, ​​but we will do our best to get you reimbursed, and have had past success.

You will need a physician referral (sent to your insurance company, and us) stating that you need to see a Registered Dietitian. 




How to check your insurance coverage:

How to check insurance benefits, Download Checking Insurance Coverage to walk you through talking to your insurance company to verify benefits.

​This is not a guarantee of coverage. If denied you will have to pay out of pocket. 

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