Eating Disorder Dietitian Supervision/ Business Consulting


If you are a Registered Dietitian, you can get:

  • Expert supervision/case consultation for work with eating disorders as an outpatient Registered Dietitian
  • Tips and recommendations for your continuing education in the field of eating disorders
  • Help with setting up a private practice
  • Business consulting for small businesses
  • ***If you are unsure, please contact me before purchasing!

Email with questions and to schedule your supervision calls.

NOTE: $150 USD per hour live [zoom/google meet] call with Libby Parker, non-refundable. Select the number of hours as the number of items at checkout. Business help will be a minimum of 2 hours, but we can discuss it beforehand.


Libby Parker has been a CEDRD through iaedp since 2021, and has been working with eating disorders since 2012. She was the first campus dietitian hired specifically for students with eating disorders at Cal Poly SLO, and authored the ED recovery book, "Permission To Eat."

Her group practice, Not Your Average Nutritionist, was established in 2012, and has grown from solopreneurship to employing a few RDs, a virtual office manager, contractors, and interns. Libby holds a minor in Leadership from The University of Minnesota and enjoys managing a team.

Libby has provided supervision for many dietetic interns, employee dietitians, and a handful of other RDs working in the field.

Case Consulting Testimonial:

"I was so thankful to have been able to do supervision with Libby.  I had a challenging client and needed a lot of guidance and support with the next steps for counseling.  Libby was so easy to talk to and helped me with a clear plan.  I have been counseling eating disorders for 3 years and this guidance from Libby’s experience was wonderful.   I now understand some key skills needed as an outpatient ED RD.  It was incredibly valuable to have had a session with her and I am forever grateful."

-Lauren Dorman, MS, RD, CDE

Business Start-Up Testimonial:

"I had the good fortune to intern with Libby Parker prior to launching my own private practice as a registered dietitian. From the get-go, Libby gave me the support I needed to help bolster my confidence as a new RD. She pushed me to work outside of my comfort zone, encouraging me to speak on her podcast and appear in front of the camera in a photoshoot for my social media channels. She helped me believe in myself and my abilities during our counseling sessions with clients. She also shared her business practices openly so that I could understand the details of running a practice, such as how she settled on her accounting method and chose her electronic health record system. These discussions helped me begin to develop my private practice “to-do” list and marketing strategy. I was able to hit the ground running with my practice because of her help. I enthusiastically recommend working with Libby!"

-Britt Richardson, RDN, CD

A Full Bite Nutrition

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