Did you know that Not Your Average Nutritionist has been 100% virtual since March 2020, and that we plan to stay that way?

Why? Well, we’ve found more benefits to our clients than any negatives have outweighed. We actually started with virtual services before the pandemic, as we saw the need for more accessibility, reaching clients in areas of California and beyond that otherwise wouldn’t have access to great services. 

As the pandemic went on, we realized that being in-person wasn’t a viable option, and we were excelling at telehealth (video counseling), so we ended our office lease, and went all-in on creating an awesome virtual experience for you!

COVID-19 really made us focus on everyone’s immune system as our top priority. As much as we miss seeing your beautiful faces in person, we can still see you via our virtual appointments for both our groups & one-on-one services. We understand that this might be a big change, however, we are confident that we can still provide the same experience that you would get in person, just from the comfort of your own home.

Pros of virtual nutrition counseling


-No commute – save time and gas!

-Less anxiety – you can stay in your familiar space 

-Privacy – No need for waiting rooms or being seen by other clients

-No fear of being weighed in-session 😉

-Accessibility for rural areas/where there are no experts in the field (our RDs can work with clients in many locations!)

-Access to your living space for referencing your medications or going over what foods you have available as we individualize your plan

-Appointment flexibility – easier to schedule weekend/evening sessions as needed

-Safety from the spread of illness like COVID-19, or even the common cold

-Option for video or non-video sessions as needed

-HIPAA (confidential) platforms for your calls provided 



-We can’t hug you or pass you a tissue 

-Feeling the burn-out from the long year(s) of “zooming” for everything now

-Managing technical difficulties, such as poor video quality or difficulty with sound

…that’s about it.

why our dietitians and clients love telehealth


A study from the Renfrew Center (a major eating disorder treatment program) concluded that: 

The [virtual] group was observed to show significantly better scores at discharge than patients in [in-person] for the anxiety sensitivity index, experiential avoidance, and mindfulness measures, controlling for baseline scores and residential stepdown status. Treatment type [virtual versus in-person] was not a significant predictor of eating disorder score, depression score, or anxiety severity. Patients discharging from both groups reported no significant differences in relational connection. All [virtual] client satisfaction scores averaged between “excellent” and “good.” Ninety-five percent of patients reported they would recommend the [virtual] program. Increases in attendance, decreases in premature discharge, and increases in enrollment outside the typical catchment area were noted.”

 Source: https://www.xcdsystem.com/iced/program/6mZn9Os/index.cfm?pgid=1001&sid=9996&abid=33835&utm_source=The+Renfrew+Center+Foundation&utm_campaign=3575413c04-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_07_17_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6ac5a2354d-3575413c04-291675045

How to make the most of your virtual appointments:

-Send requested information, such as food journals, ahead of time. In doing so, we can read up before we meet and have a plan devised without taking away time from your session. 

-Be in a confidential, distraction-free space. We have clients sit in their (parked) car, bedroom, office, or anywhere they feel safe.

-Don’t drive while on the call! Please be safe. 

-Check your internet connection/technology before logging in.

-Try lighting your face from the front with a window or a lamp. 

-Show as much of your body as possible/you are comfortable with. Body language is important.

-Connect/open up with your RD! We truly want to have a relationship with you. It really is no different than in-person sessions (we’ve done both, and virtual is the future)

-Wear pants. Seriously, wear clothing like you would if you were out in public. Don’t make it awkward!


We hope to see you soon!

To find out more about working with us online, and states we are licensed in (where you can be located to get 1:1 counseling) go to the details page

Please contact us for more information, questions, or to book an appointment.

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