Not Your Average Speaking Engagements

Topics available:

  • Eating Disorders 
  • Signature talk to sororities “Give your sister (and yourself) Permission To Eat”
  • Health at College (without dieting)
  • Dancer/ Theatre Performer Health
  • Sports nutrition
  • …and select other topics at your request!

Includes: Libby’s effervescent charm (& probably a few musical references),

…oh, and:

  • Content using evidence-based science
  • Power point presentations (if applicable)
  • E-mailed [presentation/handouts] to attendees 
  • Handouts (at additional cost)
  • Webinars (available if run on your company’s webinar software)
  • Available for any size audience

Please contact my manager for inquiries & cost a few months in advance of your desired presentation.


Speaker Testimonials

“Libby was very easy to listen to and she was very relatable. Although Libby specializes in eating disorders, the information was not presented as such but rather as information that is available to all. I was very glad that I made the decision to attend the seminar. I gained some valuable information that was new to me. I felt very positive and encouraged by what I learned. Since the seminar, I recognized some thought patterns I had, and have been much more aware of thinking about and trying to eat intuitively. It was freeing to learn all food is fit and we aren’t addicted to food. But, rather, think about the reason behind why/what I’m eating.”

Darlene Kelly, "Born To Eat Intuitively" seminar attendee

“As students at a university with one of the highest rates of eating disorders, it is so important to have an open dialogue and resources specifically surrounding such issues. Libby Parker with Not Your Average Nutritionist provided exactly that through her presentation which was catered specifically to my chapter. Her presentation was not only engaging, but also effective and gave us the space necessary to safely discuss contributing factors to developing eating disorders, triggers, ways to cope as well as ways ways to overcome them. I heard nothing but good feedback and thanks from all of my girls.”

Hannah Mortensen, Alpha Phi, Epsilon Chi Chapter President

“Libby presented to our staff about how different environments affect our food choices. She gave several helpful and easy tips to make better nutrition decisions. Libby is very knowledgeable, realistic, and approachable. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation and we will be asking her to return in the future. Definitely recommend!”

Diana Peterson, HR Administrator, Talley Vineyards

“Your group was incredible, we really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us. You really helped each and every person in the group, including myself. We have been quoting you and referencing the knowledge you shared with us since that day. Thank you so much!”

Erika Duran, Center Supervisor, Transitions Mental Health Association

​Past Presentations:
Theatre and Body Image (Missouri State University Theatre & Dance Department)

Mental Health Panel (Gamma Phi Beta, The Daisy Project)

Eating Disorders & Dietitians (pre-licensed MFT association, SLO)

Give your sister (and yourself) permission To eat! (sorority presentations)

Nutrition FAQs for Dancers (ODC, Sept 2021)

Nutrition For Theatrical Students (Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts, Sept 2021)

#NoFilter, Jan 31, 2020 (MindBody / Cal Poly)

​Born To Eat Intuitively, July 19, 2019 (Nourish SLO

​​GoodMorning SLO (Watch HERE)

Eating Disorders on College Campuses (KCBX Public Radio – listen HERE)

ODC Dancer Day of Health, San Francisco (more info HERE)

Nutrition & Disordered Eating (​Alan Hancock College, watch HERE)

Eating Healthy for Mental Health (Transitions Mental Health Association)

What are eating disorders? (Morro Bay HS health classes)

Taking Care of Your Body Right Where You Are” ​(Choosing Courage Summit) 

​Binge-Restrict Cycle, and How to Identify Eating Issues (University of Wellness)

Eating Disorder treatment for Medical Professionals (Cuesta College)

Eating disorders/RD careers (Mission College Prep Nutrition Club) 

Parent (of teens with eds) education on eating disorders  (First Pres. SLO)

Eating Disorder treatment for Medical Professionals (Cal Poly Health Center)

​Positive Body Image Panelist (Cal Poly)

Dancer Nutrition (Ballet Theatre SLO)

Runner Nutrition (Cal Poly Cross-Country)

Nutrition Myths – Busted! (MindBody)

Regulation of Weight and Eating (Talley Vineyard)

Healthy Snack Ideas (1st Presbyterian Church -SLO)

How your environment effects your food choices (Diablo Power Plant; Talley Vineyard; Allan Hancock College)

​….and several others!

Check out my YouTube channel for other ideas

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