The Broadway Dietitian: The Retreat

The Broadway Dietitian Presents:

The retreat


2-4 pm PST

Openin’ Up: You Can Tell A Whole Story With A Taste

Welcome, and learning to fuel your magnificent instrument  

– you only have 1 body in this lifetime. You need to care for it on and off stage.

-eating for long rehearsals/show days (sustain your energy – no “crash”)

-meal prepping during hectic schedules of BFA/rehearsal life



12 pm PST 

Panel Discussion: Jenna Miller, Mel Cabey, Cara Dipietro

Tits and A$$

Open convos / Q&A about longevity and resilience in theatre

-maintaining 8 shows/week

-pandemic back-slide and getting back to “normal” gently

-challenging “the broadway body”


6-7:30 pm PST

You Can Change The World If You Change Your Mind

-Setting your intention for the year

-Mental health techniques – defining and  incorporating self-care

-Challenging your limiting beliefs

-Meditation: you are enough



9:30 am – 11 am PST

Who Could Ask for Anything More

-Bonus group for tiers 2 & 3: Ask Me Anything! Nutrition myth-busting with Registered Dietitian Libby Parker


1-1:30 pm PST

Merrily We Roll Along

Foam rolling mini-course

-Physical therapy for your tight muscles


2-3:30 pm PST

Passionately Smashing Every Expectation & wrap-up

Goal Setting Sesh

-personal health 

-career goals/break it down

-quality of life

-breakthrough barriers!


Your Host:

Libby Parker, MS, RD

Eating disorder dietitian, life coach, actress

Libby’s superpower is helping you figure out your barriers to lasting change, and taking action on behavior change! Learn more about her:

IG: @TheBroadwayDietitian

Where you may have heard of me:

OnStage Blog – Jan 2018 “Libby Parker: Making Performer’s Health Their Top Priority”

Backstage magazine – health expert columnist, see my profile with links to all articles.

Beltline To Broadway podcast The Broadway Dietitian Talks Body Positivity, Body Norms, and Disordered Eating

I’m F*cking Hot Podcast coming soon

On Stage Blog – Aug 2016 “Re-Igniting My Passion For Dance As An Adult”

Dr. Drama – Aug 2020 “Eating Disorders in the Theatre”

ODC Dancer nutrition panel

Broadway BoPo Aug 28, 2019 “The Broadway Dietitian” Interview. Nutrition and Wellness for Theatre Actors and Singers 

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