It has been a BUSY year for Libby and “Not Your Average Nutritionist”!

At the end of the year I like to do a re-cap of what happened and celebrate wins (I teach my clients the importance of recognizing small wins as proof you are moving forward).

On that note, here’s a list of upgrades and accomplishments that I (Libby) put into the business this past year:

Libby Parker
  • Finished my Master’s degree in Nutrition science with an emphasis in eating disorders! That plus the bachelor’s degree and supervised practice to become a RD (see what it takes to become a RD HERE) is 8 years of higher education, yo!
  • Recipient of the “Top 20 Under 40” award (for any business industry) in the community, for my work and commitment to the community. (As far as I know I am the first RD to win this award!)
  • Created a new business name (in February), legal structure (sole-proprietor to LLC), website, and graphic design (all taking hundreds if not thousands of dollars and countless hours – by myself).
  • Hired a graphic designer to make a new logo (coming by the end of 2017 – and I am so excited!!)
  • Was published as an expert in several news outlets (see press page).
  • Over 1000 hours in one-on-one counseling with eating disorder clients. Worked with my supervising CEDS, and other professionals to really get to a place of great competence and confidence in my work.
  • Another year teaching at Allan Hancock College in the Nutrition department (over 3 years now). I’m teaching a class this spring in Santa Maria if you want to join!
  • Turned down 2 amazing job offers so I could stay focused on my work with eating disorders. (This was hard, but as Steve Jobs put it “Focusing is about saying NO.”)
  • Growing our treatment team at Cal Poly, working with professionals in other disciplines on eating disorder client cases (man, what a difference it makes to keep each other up to date on treatment protocols, and client cases!).
  • Seeing amazing results from my clients (honestly the best reward of the job)! See testimonials on the main page of this site, Linked-inFacebook, and Yelp (check filtered reviews).
  • Created my first online courses.
  • Started an Instagram account and made graphics (paid for graphic creating software).
  • Worked with (& paid) coaches for PR and Business.
  • Worked 3 jobs, finished school,  bought and sold a house, while acting in 4 musicals and a movie!

This year was amazing, personally and professionally, and I cannot wait to see what 2018 holds!
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