Are you or your child off to college or other big school transition?

This might be a time when ED rears it’s ugly head as a way to cope with the stress of transitioning and living on one’s own (and let’s not forget the pressure to do well in school and make friends).

Why do eating disorders start in college?

In this video above I go over why college is a big trigger for eating disorders, signs to watch out for that you or someone you know is struggling with food, and how to find help.

Don’t wait until it is too late!

Below you can grab your free PDF checklist with the first steps to recovery so you have this info at your fingertips, along with a easy 1-page form to help start the conversation with your health professionals if you are not sure what to tell them.

Are You Secretly Struggling With Your Relationship To Food?


Do you worry you're eating your feelings?

Or, do you feel ashamed about your eating habits?

I've been there too, and I can help.


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Are you secretly struggling with your relationship to food

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