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“Libby and her team completely shifted my food mindset, gave me incredible tools and vastly shifted my eating habits for the better. If you are struggling with your relationship with food- however that shows up for you- I could not recommend a better team to help you learn and navigate this journey. I think about things I learned from Libby every day, and even help friends and family when I notice something! I would recommend Libby to anyone!”


-Nelleke Meerman

When you send your 1st child off to college it’s an exciting time with a whole new chapter in life beginning.  Some things remain though, and as in my daughter’s case, it was an eating disorder that was manageable yet still lurking.  She asked one of her professors if she could please give her a referral for a dietician with some qualities that were essential to her.  She was referred to Libby.  Her first meeting with Libby happened to be on the same weekend I was also visiting so I was able to meet briefly with her at the end of my daughter’s appointment. From the beginning Libby was accommodating and caring. When my daughter’s disorder came back with a vengeance, things became very worrisome for me because I was no longer there to make sure she was okay . . . but Libby was.  She has been working closely with my daughter to keep her safe, to help her to recover and hopefully break free from the bondage of this disorder. Libby keeps herself available to help my daughter everyday and has been a huge blessing in her life since she has been up in SLO.  My daughter knows she can go to her with any question or worry.  She looks forward to her appointments and completely trusts her.  They work hard together in the challenging times and rejoice together in the victories.  Libby has also kept in touch with me. The reality of how special Libby is hit me a couple months ago when the reality of my daughter’s condition and her body’s weakness during the flu season put her at risk for hospitalization.  After my initial fit of panic I composed myself and realized I actually had complete and total peace because I KNEW that Libby would take care of my daughter until I could get there.  
This is why I needed to write this . . . a mom needs to know that her precious gift is going to be cared for not only by someone who is excellent in her field of knowledge and training but by someone who has also has a heart full of compassion . . .  And when you find someone like that you want to let everyone know!”

-Laura S.

“I worked with Jessica Flaherty. I have been in recovery for a little bit but never really understood how to set healthy goals without being too extreme. Jessica taught me what realistic goals look like that help me to live a balanced life. When we meet we set new goals and follow up on the last ones set and talk about. them. We meet as often as needed and our sessions are really catered to what I need, always with lots of room for questions. She’s nice and encouraging and also really understands how eating disorders work. I would highly recommend working with her!”


-Abigail S.

“Libby is compassionate, understanding, and a joy to work with through all stages of my nutrition and food journey! She’s very knowledgeable but also candid in sharing her own experiences with nutrition and food stigma. Through working with her, I gained a much healthier perspective on food and the various ways I was letting it have power over my lifestyle. Now, I eat intuitively, have the skills to adjust my diet with changing activity levels, and feel positive or neutral emotions around food and food events!”


-Rollie G.

“Libby was a joy to work with as a client struggling with long-standing disordered eating. She was quick to identify problem areas and was able to help me navigate through the tough process of recovery. She was extremely compassionate and offered a safe, judgement-free space. With her guidance, treatment plan, and book, I was successfully able to overcome my eating disorder and am living my best life because of it! I highly recommend Libby Parker to anyone struggling with similar issues. You won’t be disappointed :)”


-Beth R.

“About a year ago was the first time I met with Libby and her counseling and nutritional advice over the past year has really changed my everyday life. Libby, from the start, offers and warm and inviting environment with sessions individualized to what you need. Additionally, she was available by phone, email or texting whenever I needed her throughout the week. This was hugely a part of my nutritional success, knowing someone was on my team. A year later, I can say I have a much healthier relationship to food and exercise and have so many more resources from Libby to know the best lifestyle for me and my body. I would recommend seeing Libby for any nutritional, diet or exercise related issue.”


-Ashley A.

Excellent help, very supportive and reliable. I would recommend Libby to anyone suffering with an eating disorder. Very keen to help and deliver information. Always gives useful tips and goes an extra mile for the patient :)”


There is so much information out there regarding fitness and health. Unless you do it for a living, it’s really hard to understand all the techniques and strategies, let alone know how to use them effectively to support peak wellness.  Understanding when to train hard and when to rest, or knowing what foods to eat and when to eat them, can get a bit overwhelming sometimes. When you’re busy with school or work like I am, who has time to deal with all this?

I would highly recommend Libby for anyone who’s looking for a professional to take the guess-work out of their health and fitness routine.  I started training with Libby in early 2013 and am so glad I did. She’s very knowledgeable, personable and adds energy and variety to my workouts (saving me from the monotony of my old routine). Having someone like Libby to motivate me, and keep the workouts fresh and upbeat, has boosted my fitness substantially. I get more out of one workout with her than three of my own. I’m really happy with the results I’ve been seeing. Thank you Libby!”

-David B. (back when Libby was doing fitness training)

Libby takes the time to get to know you and your situation and offers relevant and doable recommendations. She also actively researches to give you additional resources. She actively listens and asks clarifying questions. She looks for the underlying obstacles to the goals I’ve set. I would absolutely recommend her!”

-Ava N.

“I had the pleasure of working with Libby of Not Your Average Nutritionist. I have a 33+ year history of yo-yo dieting and disordered eating habits and I really wanted to change my relationship with food. On-line sessions with Libby looked and sounded a lot like therapy, me crying and her listening and offering suggestions and helping me see where I was hung-up and behaviors I could modify, and I was able to work on my relationship with food kinda like it was an ex-boyfriend! My mindset with food and dieting and diet culture have totally changed and I am on such a healthier path both mentally and physically!! I absolutely recommended working with her and her team.”

-Julie P.

“Lauren has been such an amazing dietitian to work with over the last year. She has given me a wealth of knowledge surrounding the importance of fueling your body as an athlete and how to be more compassionate towards yourself and your relationship with food. Her time and effort given to her clients does not go unnoticed and I appreciate her patience and guidance through the process of developing a healthy relationship with food. She has taught me that all foods fit and knowing the science behind what nourishing your body looks like has allowed me to develop a better relationship with exercise, movement and overall a better quality of life. I would highly recommend Lauren, and Not Your Average Nutritionist, to anyone who wants to repair a relationship with food and exercise and be part of a community that provides so much support.”

-Miranda G.

“Libby played an instrumental part in helping me achieve a healthy relationship with food after many years of struggling with an eating disorder. I was hesitant to work with a dietician prior to Libby, and I was surprised by how safe and comfortable I felt working with her. Libby met me where I was in my recovery, and she helped guide me forward at an appropriate pace for my individual needs. She really took her time to get to know me, and I felt willing to trust her with creating a meal plan that would be in my best interest, even if it was uncomfortable at first. I made a lot of progress in my recovery and was able to find balance between the extremes of my eating disorder. I learned that I could enjoy all foods again and eat normally without food rules governing my choices. Recovering from an eating disorder and forming a good relationship with food is never easy and having Libby’s unending support made a big difference in my healing process.”

-Brittany Burgunder

“Working with Lauren has been great, her extensive knowledge surrounding nutrition plus her patience in working through my misconceived notions around nutrition have been super helpful in not only reaching towards my goals, but creating a more sustainable path forwards when it comes to eating. Would highly recommend her to folks who are frustrated with the plateau, she’s been awesome!”

-John H.

“Not Your Average Nutritionist uses Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating to help people heal their relationships with food. They have genuinely changed my life for the better. I highly recommend!”

-Nicole Gould

I would recommend Libby to anyone who wants to develop healthy eating habits. She really listens to what your issues are, your medical history and provides you with the building blocks you need to succeed.  She has suggested many alternatives to work around food sensitivity.  Her website and resources are extremely helpful also.  She is a star in her field.”

-Carol O.

“Libby has completely changed my mindset around food, I can’t even begin to start listing all the positive impacts of her coaching. Libby is the perfect combination of a therapeutic, yet practical approach. She is methodical in her sessions and gives tangible goals that keep you accountable each week. I have recommended numerous friends to NYAN and I will continue to recommend many more purely because I would not be in college or living the life I am today without Libby’s help.”

-Katie N.

You can tell Libby is very knowledgeable and has experience that was very relatable to me. She’s reasonable and compassionate, and is open to however she can help you in the way that would benefit you the most. I felt accepted when I initially kept doubting myself and never felt shamed for any of my behaviors. I’ve gained a better insight into my struggles with eating and was given many mechanisms to deal with them based on my behaviors and experiences. Though I may not be fully recovered yet, I now have the tools and answers I need to re-establish my relationship with food.”


Libby will help you find the best nutrition for YOU. She works with you as the individual you are, guiding you through the changes that work best.”

-Roz C.

“I run cross country for Baylor University in Waco, TX.  My home is in Bakersfield, CA and SLO.  I have had an eating disorder, which through counseling has been under control.  My track coach is aware of this and asked that I work with a nutritionist as I train to make sure that I stay healthy both physically and mentally.  (the  Baylor nutritionist was very busy with the football team, so I decided to look locally)  I found Libby and saw that she worked with nutrition as well as eating disorders and did a phone interview with her.  She was so upbeat, positive and encouraging.  We met in person over my spring break.  We talked about my eating habits, calorie intake, training routines, and label reading.  She even took me grocery shopping to teach me better choices.  Even though I am in Texas we talk every week, text and email.  I take photos of food I’m not sure about, and send them to her and she responds.  She emails and keeps in touch with the nutritionist at Baylor so that they are all aware of my training and calorie intake to keep me on track and healthy.  Libby has a passion for what she does and wants you to be successful. She works as hard as you do to achieve your goals.”


I couldn’t have asked for a better dietician than Libby!  She has taken the time to really get to know me personally, and since this is such a personal process, that makes all the difference.  I can tell that she sincerely cares about me, and she is always very understanding.  She continually inspires me to do better and has motivated me when no one else could.  I don’t think that I could’ve come this far without her.
To sum it all up – Libby is the BEST!!!”

-Jaime S.

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