Are you a medical or mental health professional?

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Our philosophy is that ALL foods can fit in a healthy diet,
and that you can practice health and self-love no matter what your size.

Do you have a patient with disordered eating, that you believe would benefit from seeing a Registered Dietitian?

​Based in San Luis Obispo, CA – We offer HIPAA-compliant “telehealth” (virtual counseling) with clients in select states. 

Do you have a Cal Poly-SLO patient? Libby was on-site in the health center for students with eating disorders, and knows the campus and student body extremely well. Young adults/transition into college is our forte.

Our Dietitians offer medical nutrition therapy for eating disorders and sports nutrition, and take private pay, CenCal Health insurance (with a RAF from the patient’s Physician – please fill this out before they meet with me), some United Health Care insurance, and can write superbills to submit for potential reimbursement for other insurance companies. We are working on getting in-network with other insurances. 

Patients do need to contact us themselves to set up an appointment. 

Are you a dietitian, therapist, or doctor in San Luis Obispo area?
I have a group called “Cultivating Private Practice” where we get together and network and talk about all things private practice: HIPAA, ​Insurance, marketing, etc. Join us for local networking meet-ups. Click the image for more info. 

Educational (and fun) YouTube channel!

Check out the videos on eating disorder complications, assessment, ​and treatment; as well as debunking popular fad diets with science. A great resource for your patients.


Permission To Eat is now available everywhere you find podcasts! 

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