By Phoebe Henige

Phoebe Henige is a current second year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She is studying Applied-Nutrition and will be minoring in Psychology. She grew up in San Carlos, CA. Phoebe aspires to become a Registered Dietitian and work with clients either in the Foodservice industry or eating disorders. Phoebe loves baking, cooking, and trying new recipes to share with her family and friends. Phoebe is also involved with Delta Gamma sorority and volunteers every week at the Cal Poly Cat Shelter on campus. Phoebe can’t wait to gain more hands-on experience in the Nutrition and Registered Dietitian industry. 

NEDA Week 2022

The week of February 21 – February 27, 2022 marks National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, also known as ‘NEDA week’. Here at Not Your Average Nutritionist, we celebrate NEDA week as a significant time to acknowledge eating disorders and their impact on individuals. This campaign aims to educate the public about the reality of eating disorders and foster conversations about how it impacts individuals on a daily basis. This week serves as a time to instill hope and support for those who do suffer from eating disorders, as well as for the families and friends who support those individuals. 

NEDA week chooses a theme every year to promote coming together as a community and celebrate the progress people have made. This year, the theme is See the Change, Be the Change. The NEDA Awareness week serves as an opportunity for individuals to see the change by recognizing the ever-evolving eating disorder field and to be the change through advocacy, awareness, and community building. 

There has been an immense increase in awareness around the prevalence of eating disorders, as well as the diverse spectrum of lived experiences among individuals. Due to innovative research, legislative action, and societal change, people have been able to grasp a better understanding and knowledge around eating disorders. NEDA aims to destigmatize these serious illnesses, by creating open conversations to educate and inform those who are unaware of the debilitating impact eating disorders have on individuals. 

Be the change neda week

Here at Not Your Average Nutritionist, we also aim to See the Change by providing a strong support system and community across many media platforms for our clients struggling with eating disorders. Through our one-on-one nutrition counseling and groups, clients have our Registered Dietitians and fellow ED warriors to confide in. In addition, we provide inspiration and education though instagram, YouTube, podcast, and blogs like this on our website. 


NYAN encourages individuals to Be the Change by involving themselves in local events, legislative advocacy for eating disorder research, insurance coverage (and more), and helping friends and family get professional help when needed. 


We are so happy to partner with NEDA each year, as the organization creates spaces both online and in person to help cultivate a place for individuals and families affected by eating disorders to come together. For example, NEDA hosts in person NEDA walks, the Warrior Experience, and Campus Warriors. Everyone has the power to participate in these events and promote conversations and a support system for those suffering from eating disorders and their families. 


At Not Your Average Nutritionist, we are here for those struggling with eating disorders and offer our help and services to ease the pain of overcoming such a serious illness. 

If you or a loved-one needs help, you can contact us to see if we are a good fit.

Call/text: 805-225-3027

Or email today, to be the change!




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