The Permission To Eat Podcast is now available on all your favorite podcast platforms!

The podcast will be real talk about eating disorders, diet culture, adulting without dieting (basically anything that I want to talk about that won’t be triggering), and actionable tips for saying ‘bye to ED. And you know me, a healthy dose of theatre/pop culture references. 😉

As you may have known, I had the “Not Your Average Nutritionist” YouTube channel going weekly for 3 seasons, and loved it. But now with a toddler, it’s hard to get the video set-up going as easily, so I made the switch to podcasting. I will still be making the occasional video, so I would love if you would still go subscribe to the Youtube channel to get all the content I have coming your way – including the highly anticipated office tour!!

I’ll now be releasing a new episode of the podcast every Friday – so please go subscribe! If you are like me, podcasts are a great way to learn on-the-go. I love listening in the car, on walks, or while cleaning. So why not put some body-positive talk in your ears while doing those things?

Go check it out now! The first few episodes are up and waiting for you.


Are You Secretly Struggling With Your Relationship To Food?


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Are you secretly struggling with your relationship to food

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