Today I wanted to explain a little more about my virtual nutrition counseling (eek! I’m excited).

I have been counseling individuals with eating disorders for many years now, and have had an occasional phone or facetime client (they signed papers stating they knew it wasn’t HIPAA compliant), and with that I learned what worked/didn’t work for me.

Along with some research into security, and my own policies, I now have HIPAA-compliant (secure, from a health-care/insurance standpoint) video ability along with my already HIPAA compliant electronic health records.

That’s a lot of fancy words for saying that I have confidential video conferencing ability wherever you can get internet. 

Virtual counseling can be just as effective as in-person counseling. If you show up, not just physically – but mentally, and do the work, it is not really different from in-person counseling.

It is great for those who cannot get to a specialist in their area either due to travel ability/time, or availability of counselors; as well as those who are more comfortable having the distance (for instance, because of social anxiety).

When we work together virtually, I can send you handouts via email (paperless = save the earth, and you are less likely to lose track of them), and pull up notes and your types questions/food journal while we chat. I treat the time just like an in-person session (same length of time, same information covered, same contact/communication). The only downsides are that I (usually) cannot see your whole body (which might sound great to you, but visuals are important for some medical issues, and body language is such a big part of how we communicate), and I can’t give you a hug if you are having a rough day.

Some important things to note if you do want to work with me:
1. I only take outpatient-level eating disorders, disordered eating, and occasional performance artists. 

2. Because of state licensure I cannot work with individuals from most states (or out of the U.S.A.). At the moment I can work with individuals in the following states: California (always, as I live in CA), New York, Alaska, Washington state, Colorado, Michigan, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, and Virginia. (Subject to change at any time).

3. I REQUIRE that you have an in-person therapist that I can communicate with about your care. This is for your safety, to make sure we are on the same page with helping you, and that I know there is someone seeing your whole-self that can help you if things go downhill or you need other local services. 
See the details page of my website for all the info.

​Interested? Contact me to discuss if we would be a good fit.
I can’t wait to meet you!

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